About the project

Project Life Jacket was brought to life by a group of people and the NGO “The Voice Of Thousands” who noticed the following: the refugee crisis is not abating but the media coverage of it is. This injustice was the reason why the creators wanted to draw the attention of the European public back to the continuing problem. In doing this they wanted to focus on one very special aspect.

Human beings who are now only regarded as “refugees”. It should not be about “refugees” but about people and their real lives before they were forced to flee. In this way we show all people are the same. We have the same jobs, hobbies and dreams. Whoever understands this is more open and understanding towards these people. Thus Project Life Jacket was created over a number of weeks as voluntary work: nine people, all fled across the Mediterranean and are waiting in Greek transit camps to continue their journey, told us about their lives before they left. And we put these stories on real, used “life jackets” from the beaches of Greece.
Creating high visibility in Europe, in order to put the topic back on the agenda of politicians, the media and the European public.

If you are interested in exhibiting the life jackets or in other forms of cooperation? Send us an email.


    Abeer Alhariri , Tamsayne Beesley, Mohammed Buro, Daniela Chiani, Vanja Crnojevic, Abdel Kareem Darweesh, Abdel Azeez Dukhan, Esmail Dukhil, Hannah Fasnacht, Miriam Fischer, Andreas Fischer, Roland Gisler, Michael Grossenbacher, Ahmad Hassino, Ghalia Hassino, Raquel Herzog, Pascal Holzer, Bettina Konetschnig, Linus Konetschnig, Jürgen Kupka, Matthias Leutwyler, Ismael Nerabani, Andrea Pramor, Michael Räber, Ibrahim Rayyan, Thomas Ritter, Nina Rüeger, Farooq Saadi, Samir Shalabi, David Simon, Felix Streuli, Fidel Thomet, Lorenz Troll, Sophie Troth, Alex Vollmer

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